You teach because you have a vision. It may be as basic as inspiring curiosity on any given day, or as ambitious as wanting to create future leaders. Instilling the will to learn is no easy task and to make matters even more challenging, “the future of education in Georgia will demand curricula, assessments, and instruction that reflect advances in technology, the exponential growth of knowledge, and the type of student that has emerged from a culture of instant gratification and constant stimulation.” (A Vision for Public Education Equity and Excellence) The Georgia Vision Project realizes these challenges and has embarked on a mission to transform Georgia’s public education practices. What began in 2009 as a collaboration between the Georgia School Superintendents Association and the Georgia School Boards Association has grown into a dynamic effort that includes educators in the process of defining how and what they teach in their classrooms. Specific short- and long-term steps are being established, supplemented by innovative tools and resources. It’s an exciting and viable project that engages the local community and solicits the support of local and state policymakers, with the intent of helping you realize your vision for making a positive difference in each child’s life. For more information about The Georgia Vision Project and your opportunities for support, please view the Vision_Expanded_Executive_Summary.