As a parent, you are your child’s first and lifelong teacher, and one of the most important decisions you will ever make is about your child’s education. In 1990, The Georgia School Boards Association and the Georgia School Superintendents Association realized an urgent need to critically examine the components of Georgia’s educational system. Since then, they’ve organized stakeholders across the state to help establish principles and offer recommendations which will transform the current system into one that is relevant for today’s children and youth. To date, parents, educators, business owners and civic leaders across Georgia are engaged in creating a more contemporary and relevant approach to successful education. They’re soliciting the support of local, state and federal policy holders, offering a vision that establishes the following as a rigorous standard available to all students on an equitable basis:


1. Basic academic knowledge and skills: basic skills in reading, writing, and math, and knowledge

of science and history;

2. Critical thinking and problem solving: the ability to analyze information, apply ideas to new

situations, and develop knowledge using computer;

3. Appreciation of the arts and literature: participation in and appreciation of musical, visual, and

performing arts as well as a love of literature;

4. Preparation for skilled employment: workplace qualification for students not pursuing college


5. Social skills and work ethic: communication skills, personal responsibility, and the ability to get

along with others from varied backgrounds;

6. Citizenship and community responsibility: public ethics; knowledge of how government works;

and participation by voting, volunteering, and becoming active in community life;

7. Physical health: good habits of exercise and nutrition;

8. Emotional health: self-confidence, respect for others, and the ability to resist peer pressure to

engage in irresponsible personal behavior.