History of The GA Vision Project

  • Launch new websites for the GA Vision Project and a separate site for the Spark campaign

  • GA State University’s evaluation of the GA Vision Project recommendations proves success

  • The GA Vision Project rebranded and changed names from The Vision for Public Education to the Georgia Vision Project and launched a new website

  • The Spark campaign was created, “Igniting Public Education in Georgia” to highlight the positive impact of public education

  • GVP Summit in Athens, GA to update the GA Vision Project recommendations

  • Dr. Stan DeJarnett former Morgan County GA Superintendent joined the GA Vision Project as Director

  • The GA Vision Project Full Report was released

  • The GA Vision Project began as a collaboration between GSBA and GSSA

The Georgia Vision Project began in 2009 as a collaboration between the Georgia School Superintendents Association and the Georgia School Boards Association. These groups realized an urgent need to critically examine the components of Georgia’s educational system, identifying an exciting opportunity to establish principles and offer recommendations which will transform the current system into one that is relevant for today’s children and youth. To date, The Project has grown to include over 50 partner organizations, agencies and groups, collectively working to accomplish the following:

  1. To transform, and build trust and support for public education in Georgia;
  2. To develop meaningful, grassroots engagement between communities and their public schools;
  3. To provide each and every student with an equitable, inspiring and rigorous world-class education regardless of their ethnicity or their family’s socio-economic status;
  4. To create a single vision with which to improve the education culture in Georgia and actively encourage its ongoing development and practice;
  5. To ensure that Georgia’s students have the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in a dynamic and challenging global economy;
  6. To significantly increase the high school completion rate;
  7. To significantly decrease the number of students requiring remediation when they enter post-secondary institutions;
  8. To significantly increase the number of students inspired and qualified to enter college, the workforce, or technical training;
  9. To ensure appropriate, contemporary curricula for each new generation of learners;
  10. To inspire learning by making it more exciting and rigorous, and a more relevant experience for each student;
  11. To incorporate current and emerging technologies into each classroom throughout Georgia;
  12. To provide the most current knowledge, resources and tools that empower educators to be more responsive to students’ individual needs;
  13. To address and resolve resource issues;
  14. To do what we know needs to be done to support Georgia’s educators, students and families.

Stakeholders continue to join and actively partner in this dynamic effort, effectively participating in The Project’s momentum and vision as it strives to transform public education in Georgia.